Section 508 Accessibility Compliance

AiCyber offers complete Section 508 Accessibility Compliance Product ACAAS (Accessibility Compliance as a Service). ACAAS is FedRAMP Cloud Hosted SaaS AI & Machine learning based Automated solution.

ACaaS following 4 Modules provide complete 360ยบ management of Section 508 Accessibility Compliance

  • Assessment
    • Service Request Portal
    • Service Request Dashboard
  • Analytics
  • Compliance Dashboard
  • Compliance Maintenance & Management

This fully managed cloud solution provides full service 508 accessibility compliance processes automation include following key services.

  • Highly Secured Portal, Branded for Census Section 508 Program Office, used to submit the request, download the compliance reports.
  • Fully Automated Process to collect the Section 508 compliance accessibility Information for Website(s) and Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF) and generate an automated report to aide Subject Matter Expert Accessibility Certification process.
  • Fully Automated Process to analyze the Section 508 accessibility compliance information and generate automated bug report.
  • Analytics provides real-time key performance indicators to show the certifications trends and forecast with visual presentation in a single click.
  • Compliance Dashboard to present real-time visual presentation of Accessibility Compliance Program Status.

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