Services provided by AiCyber

  • Blockchain
    AiCyber offers public and private fully managed blockchain platform and solutions for Public sector, SLED ( State Local and Higher Education) and Commercial sector. Our experienced Blockchain Specialist guide you to assess, identify, plan and execute the Blockchain solution. This emerging technology helps reduce risk, stamps out fraud and brings transparency in a scalable way for many use cases. Private and Public Blockchain we offer Private Blockchain as a service as well as public blockchain fully managed services. We guide from POC to full-fledged scalable working solution. without the need any in-house experience and expertise. Distributed Ledge Technology We offer
  • Robotic Process Automation
    Below are some areas RPA can improve at your organization. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning improvements, more complex tasks are achievable using cognitive automation technologies to build on RPA’s potential. AiCyber RPA solutions are process driven and fully configurable. Reduce Operational Costs -RPA provides excellent ROI in some cases resulting in 80% cost reduction. Reduce Time -Reduce time by performing tasks 80-90% faster. Boost Efficiency – The power, flexibility, and value to digitally transform your day-to-day business operations Higher Quality – RPA bots can reduce human errors and improve quality of applications and processes. Integration – Integrate RPA bots
  • Cyber Security Services
    AiCyber helps customers build, manage and protect their informational assets by delivering best-in-class solutions across cloud, mobile and on-premise. Our holistic approach helps ensure security is a key component of our customers’ business strategy, not an afterthought. As a result, our customers experience a better return on their investment in us and in the top-notch professionals, we deploy to help design, develop, procure and implement solutions that solve hard problems – and ensure they stay solved. AiCyber personnel are considered subject matter experts and are actively involved with the design, development, procurement, and implementation of Information Security solutions AiCyber has